Hi dear readers!

So, since I’d have to make a post to officially start blogging… Here it is!

Welcome to my first blogpost! I’m just Emm; Emmalee is my full name. I was born in The Netherlands and am still living here. I have dreams of moving elsewhere but that is for a moment later in life.
At this moment I have a degree in Art & Design and am now studying Applied Psychology. Both reasons why I’ve started to blog, next to wanting to blog for a long time but I’ve been keeping procrastinating.

I need a place to air my thoughts, give random advice to whomever is reading my posts and make videos and blogposts about DIY’s, lifestyle, make-up and hopefully fashion (Which I love by the way but just very scared about putting myself out there fashion wise!).

I have many fears, as probably all people do! But I will get myself and other people struggling with this problems through it (with the help of experience, failure and what not)!

I’ll try to update at least once a week to start with, to see how it goes! I might get in a flow, who knows!

I will see you all next time!

– Emm


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